Have you been running out of gift ideas and you're not in the mood

to go walking around the mall looking for hours on end, for the

perfect gift?

You want to buy something that is meaningful and filled with love & intention,

but nothing seems to catch your eye?

You're not in the mood to go to the store searching and getting the same old candle or quick gift?

You want to give your loved one something that can be used regularly and uplift them...

You want your gift to be different and special...

Or maybe...you just want to give back to yourself because you are worthy of a gift filled with


If it sounds like I'm talking to you, you'll love my HOLIDAY SPECIAL OPTIONS.  

They are gifts that are filled with so much love...


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Gift Certificates

Intuitive or Mediumship Reading Gift Certificates 

30 Minute Reading $135

50 Minute Reading $225

Unlock Your Connection Oracle Cards (5 Decks)

Whether you're looking for a stocking stuffer, a gift for a friend, or a gift to yourself. This meaningful gift of Love from the other side, are filled with messages of hope and healing from those that have passed (Retail Value $165). 

Holiday Special: $100

ORACLE 5.png
cards and gift certificate.png

30 Minute Reading Gift Certificate & Unlock Your Connection Oracle Deck

If you know a friend or family member that's lost someone they love, a Mediumship reading would be a meaningful gift for them. Lindsay receives evidence and healing messages, from those that have passed.  If your friend or family member would rather receive an intuitive reading, Lindsay will give a reading that shares evidence about their past, present, and future guidance (Retail Value $168). 

Holiday Special: $155