to increase your your mediumship speed

Group reading exercises 

Speed readings

Photograph exercises

How to perform platform readings


 to increase your spirit connection

Getting to know your Spirit Guides

Trance mediumship

Sitting in the power exercise  

Spirit Circle 




to use meditation to enhance your gifts


Using automatic writing while meditating 

Using your own own soul to receive messages directly from your Spirit Guides

Feeling the presence of your guides, in a whole new way 






 TO RECEIVE energy healing FOR YOUR vibration

Reiki energy for healing and relaxation 

Awakening each of your Psychic/Mediumship senses, for clearer messages from Spirit 








How to receive evidential psychic information 

The components of a Psychic Reading 

Receiving past, present, and future evidence 

Practice exercises to build confidence 

How to find your signature delivery style

                                                                  The difference between private vs group readings

                                                                  How to raise the vibe during group readings 




 to release your fears and stand in your power

 A Sacred fire ceremony to release fear and bring in new intentions

Releasing exercises  

Platform Group Reading practice