Starts Monday, March 5th: The next Mentorship won't be held again until the FALL. 

An 8 WEEK online COURSE ON HOW TO deepen and UNLOCK YOUR mediumship to it's full capacity, THROUGH mediumship EXERCISES

When You Enter the World of

"Unlocking Your inner medium"

Starting in March, you will experience...

  • 8 Weekly Online Spirit Circles- Mondays 7:00PM - 8:20 PM EST

  • Personal Feedback for your private readings

  • 40 Engaging Videos throughout the 8 weeks

  • Exclusive Access to the Online Community for Members Only

  • Weekly Mediumship Practice Exercises

  • Compassionate AND honest feedback that pushes you to the next level

  • Guided Meditations and 47 Weekly PDFS (Homework)              

  •                                         *  6 Bonus Interviews from Experts, that will benefit your Mediumship *