Unlock Your Inner Medium "The Foundation Level"

  starts Thursday September 6th

An 8 WEEK online COURSE ON HOW TO deepen and UNLOCK YOUR mediumship to it's full capacity, THROUGH mediumship EXERCISES

When You Enter the World of

"Unlocking Your inner medium"


  • 6 Weekly Online Spirit Circles- Thursdays 6:00PM - 7:20 PM EST

  • Personal Feedback for your private readings

  • 40 Engaging Videos throughout the 8 weeks

  • Exclusive Access to the Online Community for Members Only

  • Weekly Mediumship Practice Exercises

  • Compassionate AND honest feedback that pushes you to the next level

  • Guided Meditations and 47 Weekly PDFS (Homework)              

  •                                         *  6 Bonus Interviews from Experts, that will benefit your Mediumship *