3 Ways to Use the Full Moon to Your Advantage

3 Ways to Use the Full Moon to Your Advantage

I’m sure you’ve heard that the full moon is a perfect time to clear your crystals. Yes, clearing your crystals and recharging them is definitely something you can do, but it’s not the only thing you can do during a full moon! Because the energy of the moon is heightened, it’s important to use the energy you are given. Here are three ways to use its energy: 

1.) Charge yourself

Charge yourself! You should be doing this everyday anyway, but especially during a full moon when the energy is high. Make a conscious effort to look up at the moon and tune into essence of it. You can send some love up to it, and feel it all come back to you or you can just take a moment to breathe and imagine all of its energy is coming through your body.  Do this all while you plant your feet on the ground and charge up. You can spend five minutes doing this or thirty-five minutes. No matter how much time you spend, you will feel a difference. 

2.) Let go of stuff that has been weighing you down

This can be material things like clothes, books, etc. or it can be emotional stuff too. Material things are energetic things too and the same goes for emotional weight too. When we release things, the energy doesn’t go away right away. When we make the choice to get rid of the stuff that doesn’t serve our soul anymore, we start taking off layers. You can start by getting some trash bags together and going through your drawers and closet and give the stuff away that doesn’t feel energetically aligned with you, anymore. When it comes to emotions, pick up the phone and call the friend that you’ve been wanting to talk with or take out your journal and write anything that flows out of your pen. 

3.) Be alone

Yes, you read this right. Take time to just be by yourself, so you have time to be surrounded with your own energy. Read a magazine, take a bath, go swimming, drink some tea. Do anything that nourishes YOUR SOUL. 

Remember, the full moon isn’t always about just charging your crystals. It’s about taking care of you too. 

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