In honor of the red shiny heart shaped boxes, filled with chocolate, let’s take this moment to remember the power of self-love. We are made of love which is the highest vibration of all. Valentine’s day doesn’t just have to be just for lovers. It can be a gentle reminder that we must take care of ourselves with love. Let this Valentine’s Day realign our awareness, to our soul.

Here are four things you can do before Valentine’s Day or at point during your life.

1. Bring in new energy into your space

You can bring in new energy, by putting  flowers or plants in your house and or office. Flower and plant energy shifts the vibes in the house and even transmutes any stagnant energy that’s lingering. Flowers and plants not only lift your spirits, but they lift the energy in the room too.

2. Nourish your physical body

You can do this by taking a bath or a get a massage. Don’t wait until you need it; do it on a regular basis. While taking a bath, add a touch of salt and crystals to clear your etheric field and recharge your energy. My favorite crystal for self-love is rose quartz, which promotes the love vibration.

3. Just be alone

Read a book and or journal to get to know you what your soul needs.  Make sure you do for at least at least ten minutes out of each day. By taking this time for you, you will be able to understand and separate your feelings from those around you. This is one thing that can completely shift your mood, throughout the day. Don’t be afraid to get to know yourself.

4. Pick out a card and send it to yourself  

 Go to the store and intuitively pick out a card that you're drawn to. Then write a love letter to yourself. After you finish, drop it off at the post office to mail it back to your home address.  You will get your message in diving timing. When I was going through deep grief, I would go to the card aisle of the store and ask to be guided to the right one for me. It's amazing what the message did for my soul. I still have those cards at home.

       Remember, you shouldn't be waiting until Valentine’s Day to take care of your mind body and soul. The time is now. You will notice your relationships with others and yourself, improve dramatically. You won’t regret it!


Click the link for a resource that I love for reading and writing: You can Heal Your Life By Louise Hay