I’ve heard it all. There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to intuition. Here are just some of the many I’ve heard. I'll provide you with the truth. 

Myth: It’s not easy to tap into your intuition.

Truth: I can teach you how to tap into your intuition in minutes. Since it’s in our DNA, it’s not meant to be difficult. You just have to allow the information to flow through you, instead of over analyzing it. 

Myth: Only some people are born with it. 

Truth: No no no…everyone is born with it. It’s our compass in life. 

Myth:  You have to see a Psychic to get information for yourself. 

Truth: You don’t need a Psychic to get your information. When you are having a dream, you pick up info real quick…even without hearing words. You telepathically connect. That’s how “real life” intuition is supposed to be. 

MythIt’s scary. 

Truth: It’s really not scary. It’s actually fun and natural once you open up. 

Myth: Once you open it up, you will see all of the bad things. 

Truth: You are in charge of your boundaries. Look at how much beauty is around you, it’s all in perception. 

Myth: You can’t tap into your intuition if you’re far away. 

Truth: If I’m in the US, and I give a reading to someone in Australia, it’s just like I’m sitting in person with them. Energy cannot be broken and it’s not separated by time or space. 

Myth: It’s weird. 

Truth: I guess some people may call it weird, but it’s a cool weird.