A little over 7 years ago, everything was ripped from under me and flipped upside down. My whole world was shattered. I lost the love of my life, Nicholas, in a tragic motorcycle accident. A part of me died with him.  Going through the motions of life, in a trance, was something that was a regular occurrence for me.   On a consistent basis, I had people put their two cents in about how I should start dating. I knew in my mind that would not solve the problem. It would not bring him back.  Nicholas’s love is so strong, that I can feel it from realms away. Through visitations and messages, he’s guided me through my life. He told me to take one moment at a time, live fully, knowing that he would always be there even if I didn’t see him.  I did just that. I started to find the true essence of who I was and love myself unconditionally.  One of the mistakes I had made in the past was putting everyone else before myself.  It was finally time to take care of myself first. When I started to live from my soul, everything else changed for me. Of course, it didn’t bring him back in the physical way, but I continue to feel his beautiful soul guide mine. It’s a heavenly thing that can’t be defined in words.

Four years after he passed, he sent me more love. He sent me his childhood friend that I had never met before. Tony and I connected at a place in our lives where we were completely fulfilled within our souls.  Both of us had many things in common, most importantly our love for Nicholas.  The 5 gifts ofknowledge we were given, that I would love to pass on to you are:


  1. We don’t complete each other, we add to one another’s soul.
  2. There are no questions when your heart knows where it must go.
  3.  Putting ourselves first, in turn helps the other.
  4. There’s no point in searching, we are made of love and more of it will catch up to you.
  5. There’s no replacing love, love never dies, there’s just added love.


Unconditional love is a powerful thing. By getting to a place of feeling this unconditional love for yourself, you will make all of your relationships that much stronger.


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