The Biggest Misconceptions About Mediums

  As a full time working Medium and teacher of Mediumship, I come across so many people that have misconceptions about Mediums. Before I discovered my own ability of connecting to those that have passed, I used to have my own mistaken beliefs about Mediums, too. Here are some of the biggest misconceptions, about Mediums, that I hear regularly:

All Mediums see and hear spirit with their physical eyes and ears, when they are giving readings.

This is not always the case. The majority of Mediums I know, don’t physically see or hear spirit while they’re giving readings to their clients. Don’t get me wrong, it can definitely happen. I’ve seen and heard Spirit before. I notice energy and even flickers of light from those that have passed. I have visitations from passed loved ones.  I’ve even heard words in my ear as they’ve spoken to me, but in this moment in time, when I give readings regularly I hear and see spirit through my thoughts.  When I see Spirit, I mainly see them in my “mind’s eye” almost like a memory in my mind. When I hear Spirit, I hear it as if it comes in as my own thought. A word, phrase, or conversation floats in my head.


All Mediums receive information through at least one of their five senses (hear, see, taste, touch, smell), all of the time.

There are moments where we do use our senses, but there are other times we just have an inner knowing of the passed loved ones message. This is because we are melding with Spirit. When we meld with a passed loved one, we feel as they feel and we know as they know.


All Mediums are perfect humans and know all there is to know about life.

This is absolutely untrue. There’s already enough pressure having to relay information from your passed loved ones. We don’t need any more pressure in being perfect. I can only speak for myself, but I put a lot of effort in being the best soul I can be, but I’m human and I make mistakes. It’s part of living a human life here on earth. As a Medium, there are two important pieces that some people miss: self-development and experiencing life as a human being. I’m constantly “studying self development” and practicing my Mediumship skills weekly, while still experiencing life as a person here on earth.  So, we aren’t perfect, but there are some of us that strive to grow everyday.


The next time you think of a medium, remember they are humans just like you and they have to work everyday to master their skills.


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