I would love to have you join other beautiful like-minded souls in this journey of "Unlocking Your Inner Medium"

Imagine what it would feel like to...

Get evidence from spirit clearly, so that you trust yourself fully when receiving messages

Receive healing messages and know they are REAL 

To have an actual community to reach out to share your mediumship experiences with

To have the awesome feeling of knowing you really aren’t CRAZY. You just know your connection to spirit is REAL AND ALIVE.

Finally, you can feel confident and know that your intuition is on point instead of second guessing it & ANALYZING EVERYTHING, in your life


I attended Lindsay's Unlock Your Inner Medium course because I had a few areas in my mediumship that I felt I needed to strengthen. Lindsay was very encouraging but also pushed you past your comfort zone, so that you got the most out of the course. I definitely recommend working with Lindsay if you are just starting to learn mediumship or if you are already a working medium, as I am! It was a great experience and I met some great new friends along the way.

Jill Schmidt

Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 11.39.34 PM.png

I've been a working medium for 27 years and wanted to take a class to fine tune my craft. I met Lindsay there and truly feel that I was meant to meet and learn from her somehow. Her effervescent energy was what I needed!

Matina Balint


Taking this course now, will save you thousands of hours searching the internet for ways to connect freely to spirit. 

It will bring you a high vibrational space to practice your spirit communication. 

trust me, you will thank me later. 


  •  A Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced Medium
  • You are a heart-centered soul
  • You know you're interested in connecting with spirit clearly, you just want to fully trust what you are receiving
  • You want to feel confident when connecting with spirit
  • You want clear evidence and amazing flow while giving messages from spirit
  • You want a community to be there for you, while you are practicing mediumship exercises
  • You want to feel safe while being yourself and connecting with spirit


  • You are not ready for change in your life
  •  You feel like it just doesn’t feel right
  • You already fully  trust yourself when connecting with spirit

**I've had brand new students that are just discovering Mediumship and I've had students that are full time working

Mediums for over 30  years.