Q: When does the retreat start and end?

A. The Retreat starts at 7pm on Friday, April 20th  and ends at  9am, on Monday April 23rd. You will get a list of recommendations for things to do in the area, if you get in town early.  

Q: I'm sensitive to certain foods, do I have to plan for my own meals?

A. Nope! Once you sign up for the retreat, you will be given a form where you can share your food sensitivities. Your meals are included with the retreat, so you don't have to worry about that!

Q: I want to go to the retreat, but I'm not able to pay for it all at once. 

A. Don't worry at all, I have a payment plan option. You can pay it over the course of a year, if you'd like. 


Q.If I choose to do the payment plan, do I pay once a month?

A. Yes, so for example: If you choose the 12 time Payment plan, you will pay the 1st payment when you sign up, then you will be charged automatically one month from that date, then the next month, and so on. I set this up, so you didn’t have to worry about paying all at once if you needed it spread out.

Q. I've never been to Santa Rosa, Florida. What airport should I fly into and also how do I get to the beach house?

A. You'll be in charge of paying for your own transportation. The nearest airport is Panama City Beach International Airport (airport code ECP) or Northwest Florida Beach International Airport. Also, you can hire a shuttle agency that will bring you from the airport, directly to the beach house. The shuttle company is called "Sunshine Shuttle and Limo." You can even coordinate your shuttle or UBER with other students and split the cost. There won't be spots for rental cars on property, so you must be dropped off.

Q.How do I know if this is right for me?

A. If you've taken my online Unlock Your Inner Medium course, this retreat was created for YOU! The only person that would stop you from going, would be yourself :)  I want you here. There is a sacred magic that went into planning this retreat and I can't wait for you to experience it. 

Q.What should I bring to the retreat?

A. Pack like you are going on vacation to a warm place. We can't "always" predict the weather :) but it should be in the 70s and 80s in Florida, during the month of April. We will be staying right on the beach, so at night you may want to bring warm clothes and a beach towel if you decide to go to the beach. Also,  bring your own toiletries. 




If you still have any questions you can call (yes I said call) or e-mail

Phone (813) 363-6151
E-Mail: Lindsay@LindsayMarino.com