This is going to be a very RAW review and it’s definitely one that you want to read. Without knowing ANYTHING about my personal life, she was SPOT ON when helping me talk to my family members. I got to talk to my dad who died when I was 12, my other dad who died in 2007 my grandpa and my grandma and because of the information they gave her I KNOW that they were there with her and me during our 50 minute session. Trust me, 30 minutes isn’t long enough and you will want to know more and more and more and hear more of what your loved ones have to say. She is the REAL DEAL and you HAVE to hire her. I PROMISE you will not be disappointed.
— Alishia W. ~Tampa, FL
Accurate and Healing. Lindsay you are an amazing Medium! You were so accurate with my reading and I received so much healing from it. You are such a beautiful soul with so much to share with the world. I would recommend your services to anyone!
— Medium and Healer Connie Maruschak Prytula
Right on target. Lindsay is amazing. She knew names and circumstances no one could possibly know. She was so right in saying that many things would make sense later. She brought up Ft. Lauderdale, which is where my grandmother had died, sadly a violent death, and brought up my mother was having some anxieties over the it. I had no idea until talking to my mom after that she is going to Ft. Lauderdale for work next week and is nervous about going because she doesn’t feel safe! I passed along Lindsay’s message that my grandmother is with her and she will be safe. I am just in shock. Also, some names she brought up immediately made sense after hanging up the phone and I feel silly for not thinking of it then! Lindsay is a beautiful soul with a fine-tuned and special gift and I will absolutely be booking with her again.
— Shannon Bettencourt
Simply amazing - highly recommended. Where to start... I had my session with Lindsay about 1 1/2 month ago and wanted to wait leaving feedback because I’ve kept seeing massive effects from just that one session. I’ve honestly been blown away by the precision and clarity of the things Lindsay channelled for me. Not only during the session itself but many of the things she mentioned in our session has since clicked completely into place and I’ve found myself being more and more blown away with her skill. This was my first session with Lindsay but it won’t be my last. I came to Lindsay at a time when I felt “someone” was trying to come through without me being able to listen. Lindsay created a beautiful sacred space for a ton of downloads to happen. Like I mentioned, not only during the session itself, but also after. I highly recommend Lindsay and already have. Much Love & Light, Mariaestela
— Mariaestela Zoe Gullestrup
Brilliant Reading! Thank you Lindsay for what you do and how you deliver messages. Everything you said and every description you gave was so spot on and confirmed that what I am feeling is not me wishing, or making things up. Today I am walking around with my heart exploding with joy and love! xx
— Keyon Bayani Psychic Medium
Lindsay is an extremely gifted & psychic Medium. My reading was so on point and intense, it completely blew my mind!
— Susan Ferraro, Creator of "Easy Peasy LOA" & "Let it Go Live"
Amazing reading! Talking to Lindsay was like talking to one of your girlfriends, with the added bonus that she can also talk to your loved ones on the other side! I came to Lindsay to speak with a specific person on the other side (she did not know that). I got EXACTLY what I was looking for in my reading and heard exactly what I needed to hear to move forward and heal. It has been fun to notice the way my loved ones are communicating with me now that I know what to look for. I see their presence many times a day! Can’t thank Lindsay enough for that.
— Michelle Carr-Frahm
I had a reading with Lindsay last Friday and had a major shift around areas where I was stagnant. I had been seeing some crazy awesome results from my relationship program that helps people get rid of their unhealthy patterns but was having a hard time getting many people to actually purchase it! She pulled out that deep down I believed the results were too good to be true. If I didn’t believe the results, how could I really get behind my own program 100% to bring it out into the world on a bigger level? I’m a believer now! On top of that my grandfather came through to give me this message and that was another special blessing as I didn’t get to see him before he died but have always felt him around me. Thank you! You are awesome!
— Tanner Kennedy Intuitive Relationship Coach
Peaceful and beautiful reading!! Lindsay gave me a 30-minute reading that outshone all my hopes. She was spot-on with the information that came through. I liked that she gave me the option of having a Mediumship session or a psychic reading (or a hybrid, which I picked). The information I received was really heartwarming and helpful. I found Lindsay’s style to be soft and genuinely compassionate (I cried when my mom, who passed 2.5 years ago) came through. It was a beautiful reading. Thanks, Lindsay!
— Katherine Trnka Turpin
Lindsay is not only one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet, she is professional, grounded and extremely gifted in her Mediumship/Psychic gifts. She has no hidden agendas. She just genuinely wants to help people.
— Megan Malkasian, Owner of Angelic Skincare
Accurate I can’t speak highly enough about Lindsay and her gift. I’ve been to mediums all over the United States ( and I mean a ton!) NO ONE has ever been as accurate as Lindsay. I’ve had 3 readings with Lindsay in the past and every single time her readings are spot on or “come true.” Some times in a week or a day and others with in a few months. Regardless, she’s connected with loved one’s on the other side and told me things she could NOT have known and has given me guidance for my daily life and future that helped me and came true. On top of it she’s one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. She’s worked with my son one on one as well. Great with kids. If you are a non-believer in mediumship or question it, you won’t after a reading with Lindsay. I guarantee it. :)
— Megan Malkasian
It was 7am and I was shaking when I got on the phone with Lindsay and coffee wasn’t even involved. Something was happening, and though I could feel it. Apparently, my guides were swarming Lindsay with messages for me. Then the FIRST download she got for me hit right home, as in it was a conversation I’d had the previous day, so I had immediate tears. What Lindsay can help you see and feel is such a gift. You’ve got support all around you, but sometimes you can’t see or feel it because your own head, with all its stories is in the way. And that’s where she comes in with her powerful skills. So if you’re ready to see your own story & purpose more clearly, free from your own head, this is for you. Thanks girl! xx
— Harriet McEntire Lanka
Amazing! I am so grateful to Lindsay and her beautiful gifts. Not only is she one of the sweetest people I have ever had the pleasure of speaking to but she knows exactly how to help you work out your junk. She always goes above and beyond and I feel “fixed” after we speak plus she gives me clear, specific guidance on how to move forward. When I get the feeling I need to reach out to her I never regret it.
— Michelle Holland McReavy
Lindsay Marino is here to help the world become a more peaceful and connected place. Lindsay has a gift—she’s given me wonderfully healing Reiki sessions and picked up on intuitive insights that really helped open my eyes. But here’s what really sets her apart: she’s also remarkably kind-hearted, authentic, and open. I always tell people she is the sweetest person I’ve ever met, and anyone who meets her agrees with me. Lindsay has an approachable nature and positive energy. After an intuitive Reiki session from her, I always feel rejuvenated and inspired. Lindsay is guided by love, and in that spirit she gives—a reading from her is well, well worth it.
— Melissa Carroll, Author of "Going Om," Tampa, FL
In my reading this past week with Lindsay, my mother came forward and facilitated responsibility for past events and hurts. My mother’s energy and loving confirmed that she was freed from her psychic pain. This touched me on a profound level in many ways. In my work as a grief coach, we practice applying loving to the places that hurt, self-forgiveness and loving forgiveness to those that have triggered us. However, with Lindsay’s loving presence as the conduit for our communication, I was able to experience my mother’s loving with her soul soaring, learnings, knowing she is at peace and happy brought me joy. Even with the knowing in my heart from all the work I’ve done up until now, hearing it brought even a deeper sense of healing I did not think was possible. Thank you Lindsay for holding a space for me. xoxo
— Claire Chew, Grief-o-logist, Venice, California
Lindsay is PHENOMENAL! I came to Lindsay with the feeling and understanding that I “needed” a reading. The clarity that she brought to our session was divinely created to progress my healing and transformation to achieve my life’s purpose. Lindsay has a gentle yet guiding soul that delivers your messages in perfect fashion. I am forever indebted from one mere reading. I can’t wait to work with Lindsay again.
— Crystal Boyd Wells - Founder of Women are Strong, Wichita, Kansas -
Lindsay is the real deal! She gave me a truly compassionate and accurate reading, providing a wealth of information from my beloved grandmother. She helped me deal with my fears and doubts for the business that I am preparing and gave me plenty of courage from the other side of life… I am certainly coming back to Lindsay when I need guidance and reassurance; she is excellent in her job and a sweetheart. Thank you Lindsay!
— Eleni Roumeliotou - Kavala, Greece
What do I say about Lindsay except she is amazing. Lindsay has an amazing gift. She has made a believer out of me. I can’t tell you what a help she has been. My life is heading in a new direction. I would highly recommend her. If you have the opportunity to meet Lindsay and have a reading, you won’t be disappointed. She is the real deal. I feel so blessed and honored to have Lindsay in my life. I am confident I will always be in contact with her for guidance and to get my life on track. She is one of God’s treasures.
— Maureen Heffernan - Chicago, Illinois
Wow, Lindsay is so incredibly talented! Things would just flow through her and I don’t think she would even realize it sometimes, until I would say something about her accuracy. She was able to connect with both my mother and father (first time for my dad to come through! And he gave information to Lindsay that was very personal, confirming it was him). She is so detailed in what my family members had to say about themselves or me, it was really crazy!! She also gave tips of things that I had questions about (without me even asking!), whether business related or in my personal life. It definitely gives me hope, reminded me of things to think about, and which direction to potentially take. And for her to tell me that my mom said “Your life is about to be so good, you have no idea…” really was the icing on the cake! Lindsay will absolutely impress, and I would highly recommend her 50 minute session if you really want to get the most out of her special talents!
— Jessica Richards, California -
Lindsay is an extremely gifted medium & psychic. My reading was so on point and intense, it completely blew my mind! I’ve been dealing with A LOT of resistance in my biz AND body and she (along with my grandmother :) showed me exactly what the issues were and I left knowing exactly what I needed to deal with so I could move forward. She also gave me a really cool glimpse into the future of my biz which was just the hope I needed to push me over the hump. If you have the chance to work with her DO IT!! I can’t recommend her enough!
— Susan Ferraro, Manifestation & Mindset Coach
Lindsay had my mother’s energy and personality pegged right from the start! Then the information that came was right on target too. The reading calmed me down and lifted me up at the same time. Lindsay is positive and loving and her messages are delivered with the same energy.
— Lisa Desimini ~ Author of My House, New York